06 December 2013
The Moving ‘To Do’ List
The Moving ‘To Do’ List

For a quick, fuss-free list to keep you prepared and organised whilst moving, go for a tick-off system that is easily broken down into the weeks running up to the removal day. This will prove a lot more efficient and faster than trying to plan and organise everything from the top of your head. Try our ultimate checklist for a nice, smooth and easy move.

A month to go

• Research your removal company and make sure you’re going for quality rather than price. Keep note of any deals and special offer packages available. Go for recommendations and use online tips and reviews to find the best company suited for you and your needs. You might decide to go it alone and if this is the case, make sure you’ve hired or collected all the materials you need such as moving boxes and a van. And very importantly, make sure you invest in good contents or removal insurance too.
• Make a long and detailed list of all of the important people who need to be communicated regarding your move (including schools, opticians, mobile network providers, etc.) And then you will need to inform your employer, pension provider, council tax office and bank to make sure they are fully aware that you are moving. You’ll need to give them your new address to ensure no important documents get sent to your previous residence.
• The above also applies for doctors, dentists and local health services. You really need to inform all of the surgeries that you currently use of your move so they can see if you’re still eligible to use them and in the right district for their services.
• Liase and inform your electricity, gas and water companies along with internet and TV licence providers – pay off any outstanding bills. You’ll also need to provide them with your new property address and make sure whoever will be living in your previous house will have a brand new account rather than sorting out yours.
• Reserve storage space through trusted and well-known companies to ensure any valuables or larger goods are in safe and secure storage whilst you move your ultimate essentials.

A week to go

• Make a packing list and get started. Using careful research into how to pack, you will be able to find nifty tips and tricks online to help you pack like a professional. Make sure you pack carefully and wrap any valuables in bubble wrap or newspaper. Placing items carefully on top of each other or side by side will ensure you avoid any breakage. Finally, it will really help to categorise and label boxes accordingly so you can locate them easily and quickly.
• Use up the fridge and freezer contents so you’re not wasting food. Also, you can donate any unwanted dried foods and tins to local churches along with any unwanted goods altogether to charity shops or friends who may be interested. Keep an essentials box to hand for your first few nights stay; this might include a kettle and toaster.
• Spring clean your home and make sure you’ve packed everything you need; double-check every room, corners, cupboards, shelves and wardrobes for anything you may have accidentally forgotten.

A day to go

• Do a final tidy-up and one last all-over check.
• Empty out the bins and make sure you’ve packed all the important letters and documents.
• Drop off the keys, turn off the water, gas, lights and check all the windows and locks.
• Call up your chosen removal company or double check your van is arriving tomorrow and confirm all the final details so you’re ready to go.

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