29May 2024
Movers Harringay continually does a terrific job. They are fast, effective, and affordable. Thank you for being such a great team to collaborate with!
Garry L.
16May 2024
As promised, their speedy yet cautious approach ensured that we stayed well within our budget without sacrificing on quality or professionalism.
Rachel Malloy
22Apr 2024
. We've moved twice with Harringay Movers and both times have been seamless thanks to their top-notch service.
Jake S.
11Mar 2024
These movers are true experts in their field, evident by the flawless service they provided.
Phoebe L.
28Feb 2024
Don't hesitate to book this outstanding moving company for your next move! They were extremely communicative and took care of every little detail, making my experience stress-free. And their prices are surprisingly good.
Deanne Moore
11Feb 2024
I am grateful for their attention to detail and efficient methods, which made my move a breeze.
Harold Stutton
01Feb 2024
Our move was a complete success thanks to Movers Harringay. They effectively transported our substantial home within twenty-four hours.
22Jan 2024
The movers' punctuality exceeded my expectations and made the process easier.
T. Cordell
05Jan 2024
My expectations were exceeded once again by Removals Harringay as they made both of my moves effortless.
Orson Blakely
22Mar 2016
Harringay Removal Company are the only people I will ever call for furniture removals. They helped with my move recently and did a fantastic job. I was very impressed with their work and recommend them highly.
Olivia Blackwood
03Sep 2015
My decision to hire Harringay Removal Company has been one of the best of the year. I had just sold my house, which dealt its own share of problems and stress, and the last thing I needed was a removals company that would add to my tension. Pretty soon I realised that I had nothing to worry about. Just watching the team get to work, I could tell that my items were in good hands, and that the job would be completed when and how they promised. Communication and customer service were also great throughout. Thank you!
Emily B.
27Feb 2015
I was impressed with the removal company I used recently for moving furniture to my new address. HarringayRemovals did a great job at an affordable cost. Nothing was too much for the team they were so professional. The office helped arrange everything from booking a meeting for a quote, to arranging a removal date. All of the furniture was carefully handled and loaded on and off the truck with care and caution. The staff members were hard working and efficient. I would certainly recommend if you need a removal service to hire his company they were brilliant from start to finish.
Diana R.
18Sep 2014
I found that HarringayRemovals offer both a personal but professional service for office removals. They have a price structure to suit most needs. They seem to have a special way of ensuring that their client is left stress free and with no loss or damage to their possessions. I have used their services before so when I was moving office this time, it was not difficult to find a specialist to move my property.
Drew A.
07Jul 2014
Domestic removals are the sorts of things that remind me of doing taxes, or having to pay a fine. It's all stuff that you need to get done, but it is just so dull and laborious that it never seems worth it at the time! That said, I used HarringayRemovals recently, and they gave me a really good deal on an excellent service. I found that they were instrumental in organizing things that I could not have worked out myself, and then carried off the actual removal day without a hitch, which was amazing!
Jimmy Jackson
26Jun 2014
Wanted to drop by and say thanks for the recent help, HarringayRemovals. They were really good when my family and I needed to move into a new place at short notice a while back. We were let down by another company who had seemingly double booked their services so you can imagine that our views on domestic removals were pretty low at that point. Regardless, we needed help and luckily that led us to a far better option. If you're looking for a good option to help you move home, then find out how much they can help. Excellent.
Lena Barker
11Jun 2014
HarringayRemovals are my favourite type of company - affable, eager to please and very, very reasonably priced! They made sure they did everything in their power to make the day we moved as far removed from the stressful experience this process usually constitutes. They provided us with a dismantling service, taking unwieldy furniture and fittings to bits expertly and boxing them up so they were easy to transport. Can't say enough about how bloody good this company is, really can't - be smart and use them when you need moving help!
Brian Blackwell
13May 2014
When I moved into my new flat a few months ago or so, I needed a removal company I could trust and rely on, but after searching the internet for hours, I couldn't find a company that met all of my needs. One of my mates recommended HarringayRemovals. At first, I was apprehensive. But in the end, I feared I wouldn't find any removal company at all, so I ended up ringing them up and asking for quotes etc. Actually, from the first moment I spoke to them, I knew they were professional and right for me and my move. Highly recommended.
29Apr 2014
When it comes to finding the best possible help with your house move, the first call I would make would be to HarringayRemovals. Then I would call up a few others, just so that you can get a good impression of how much better they are. Whether you are looking for the very best price or the very best expertise, they are able to deliver on both counts and they really make a difference to me when it comes time to move home. Of all the companies I've ever hired, they are the very best ones around.
16Apr 2014
I will be using HarringayRemovals again! They are wonderful! My recent removal went by without a single hitch, and the chaps there are all very nice to have around. I was surprised to say the least, as I always imagined removals teams to be rather gruff and not that bothered about making you feel comfortable, but this lot were very pleasant! What's more, they ensured that everything got moved easily and safely, with no damages, and for an excellent price! There is not a lot more that I could ask of them really! Wonderful people, great move, excellent all round.
Mildred C.
29Mar 2014
I hadn't moved for 25 years so it was a daunting thought when I decided to downsize house now the kids had left home. My son told me about the good service he had received from a removal firm he had used in the past. So I gave them a call. The people I dealt with were very polite and helpful, and I got a cost for the job, and a full explanation of how they were going to do the move. The team was exceptional and the service was first class, great care was taken with my things, and the cost was good value for money too.
Doug A.
19Mar 2014
When it comes to moving home, we've all got our ideal move in our heads. Over the course of several moves though, I've only found one company who is able to match the moving plan I've laid out for myself. With the help of HarringayRemovals, I was able to take simple and easy moving to the next level. As truly great professional, they did everything they could to ensure that I was moved into the new home as quickly and as easily as possible. It's little things like that which make such a big difference, and they really helped.
Robert J.
28Feb 2014
Couldn't believe my luck when they came back to me with the price, and it was only on my sister's advice that I stuck with it rather than assuming it'd be a terrible service. Instead, I was hugely impressed by their speed and efficiency and it made the entire process a pure joy. With their help we managed to take a difficult move and make it simple. And stress free, I think that may have been the most important part. A really big help that I will certainly be recommending HarringayRemovals to everyone I know.
Heather Foster
10Feb 2014
There's not much to say really, beyond the great service. HarringayRemovals really went the extra mile in order to make sure that me and all of my kids really had a great experience on the moving day. The whole team were great from the off and took care of every single worry we had. The bare bones of the operation went perfectly and we're already settled into our home. Beyond the simple bits, we were really happy to have them round. They were all really polite and considerate and did exactly what was needed to help us move.
David Garcia
31Jan 2014
When I started looking around for movers, I was faced with the dilemma of finding someone who would be able to safely de-construct and rebuild some of my furniture pieces in order to get them out of my apartment. I quite by accident stumbled upon HarringayRemovals who assured me that they were more than capable of doing this mammoth task. And that is exactly what they were able to do; within record time without any damage to these items. The cherry on top was the fact that they were more than half the price cheaper than several other quotes I had received.
21Jan 2014
I'm so glad that I called HarringayRemovals to help me move into my new house. I thought I wouldn't be able to find a removal company that could help me without costing me a fortune, but this company wasn't just experienced, they were really inexpensive as well! I had help with everything from carrying to loading things into the van, and I also got all the help I needed with unloading too. I think that this is a great removals company no matter what you want for your moving day, and I can't recommend them enough! Thank you!
Claire F.
07Jan 2014
I recently moved with HarringayRemovals not really thinking a huge amount about how well the company would affect the move. Moving house is always terrible, so I was ready for that, but instead I got an easy and quick removal! Who would have guessed that the company that I chose because of the low prices would turn out to be the best removals company I have ever dealt with? Well, not me certainly. Hopefully these words will inspire others to give them a call, as they deserve it and so do you!
Jeffrey Williams
28Dec 2013
I was very pleased with the service I received from HarringayRemovals. They removal steam was friendly, approachable and reliable. They knew exactly how to handle my home move. They had flexible service options which allowed me to have better control over the move. They were informative and helpful throughout the process, giving me advice and suggestions along the way. I couldn't have accomplished the move without their dedicated staff who were always friendly and prompt. HarringayRemovals provided an excellent moving service, I would highly recommend them in the future.
Forest W.
18Dec 2013
Without the help of HarringayRemovals I would have never been able to have such a successful home move. I needed a superior home moving company, as I was moving long distance. I needed a company that could provide assistance and support throughout the move and give me advice regarding travel arrangements. HarringayRemovals provided excellent service, their staff were professional and prompt. Their moving coordinator was able to give me great advice and support throughout the move. I couldn't have chosen a better removal company, I would recommend them for any large or small move. Great job team!
Michael A.
06Dec 2013
Using a removals company is a strange business, because you never know what kind of service you are going to get. It's strange, because you use such companies so rarely, that you never really learn from your mistakes, and each time seems to be a repeat of the last one! HarringayRemovals were great on our recent move however, so it was nice to break that cycle! We would recommend that anyone looking for a great removal done by serious professionals give them a shout, it is well worth it!
Jerald Terry
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