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Moving into a new home or office can be a momentous event in a person’s life and so it should not be taken lightly. There are many things to consider, to plan and to do. It is something that should not be approached flippantly and so a firm plan of action should be in place. We feel that the best strategy is to recruit us because HarringayRemovals.co.uk is dedicated to giving it’s customers high quality removal services at an affordable price.

To offer the best service possible we recruit the best staff. We want people who know the ins and outs of the removals business, who know the basics, the tricks to make the work go faster. We hire people who will do things properly and who will be adamant in doing everything safely. Our movers have to know how to pack things correctly, how to lift and move heavy furniture as well as advise and guide our customer. That is not all, because we want a team of people who genuinely care about our client. We want someone who will stop what he is doing to answer questions or alleviate doubts. Our team has to be flexible and willing to do whatever it takes to help our customer.

When it comes to packing we want our clients to know they can trust us with their goods. That is why we make a complete inventory of all their belongings before we start to prevent things being lost and allowing for accountability in the unlikely event of that happening. Then we will systematically enfold everything in protective material such as bubble wrap and polystyrene that will uphold the integrity of an item as well as keeping it clean. Then everything can be put in appropriate containers which we will provide so that everything can be easily and safely loaded onto our transport. This whole process won’t take longer than two days so we can have a client’s packing done in no time flat.

Our vehicles are kept in top condition and all items placed inside them will be secured so that they are not rocked about during transport. We can get out customer’s belongings to their new home or office immediately so they will never be without.

We go even further in guaranteeing customer satisfaction by proving safe storage facilities. In our depot, we can take as little or as much as we are required and will enfold them in further protective materials to ensure their safety. Then they will transferred to their own container in which they will be safe from wind, rain, sun, heat and cold damage. Things will be arranged so that they will not topple over or be exposed to harmful items such as liquids. The area is also watched vigilantly so no thieves or vandals will ever gain access. When our customers need to retrieve their possessions they can do so any day of the week and we can also deliver their things directly to them.

We also will assist our clients with moves into the European Union. At first this can seem difficult but with our help it will be a child’s play. We will, impart important advice so things are done properly and will take care of paperwork and forms. We will have staff who speak the local language of our client’s new homeland so everything will be completed without anything being overlooked or mistaken.

Moving home or into anew office should be a joyous and fun occasion and that is what our customers will experience when they recruit us.

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