09Feb 2015
What To Do On The Last Day Before Your House Removal
What To Do On The Last Day Before Your House Removal
When it comes to the end of the long process that leads up to your removal, the hope is that you will have most things covered, through decent planning and clever execution of the various things that need to be done for a removal to be successful. You will find however, that there are often little things that can surprise you at the last minute, and there are always going to be a couple of bits and pieces to do just before the removals company arrive to get the process in motion. You will no doubt have caked up most of the house, and gotten everyone ready, but what are those last little bits that need doing to ensure that the trip is successful, and the whole thing is rounded off nicely?1.    Pack a travel bag or box. You will find that on a long journey you need some things. Families with children will need even more, but having a bag with snacks, books, extra clothes, and anything that you may need for the journey will be essential. You will find that for the kids you need more than just books to keep them entertained, if the drive is more than a couple of hours. If the journey is not that arduous, then you won’t need to concern yourself with this kind of thing, but the ‘first day box’ will be important still! 2.    A ‘first day box’ is a pretty essential piece of kit, and you will need to pack cleverly, to ensure that you are covered. When you arrive, there is a chance that certain things like the internet, electricity and heating may not be working yet, and you need to safeguard against this, as well as making sure that you are comfortable in other ways. Pack a couple of bottles of water, just in case the water is not running, and ensure that you have spare jumpers for everyone close at hand. You will be unpacking a box for bedding as soon as you need it, but having a couple of blankets in the first day box is a good idea, as well as a kettle, some snacks, and a couple of takeaway menus! It is essential that you make your first evening in the new house a nice one, especially if you want your kids to have fond memories of the process! 3.    Other than the travel bag and the first day box, there will be a few things that still need to be packed, having been used for the last time in the house. You will have likely left a certain amount of kitchen utensils out, as well as a few bits and pieces to keep you comfortable. Planning well will reduce the chances of there being too many of these things, so the process of packing them away should rarely take longer than a couple of hours. Have the boxes ready and this process will not be a difficult one. 4.    Be sure to leave the kettle, tea, coffee, milk and biscuits out until the very last minute, and the removal company employees will need refreshments and a surprising amount of them as well! Be sure that you have snacks free to eat as you work as well as running out of energy ill make you tired and quick to anger, which is a real issue when it comes to maintaining a decent rapport with the removals team, as well as keeping the family happy!

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