04Jul 2014
Top Five Ways To Make Your Move Eco-Friendly
Top Five Ways To Make Your Move Eco-Friendly
The moving house process is one which can take up a huge amount of time and effort. With so much to think about during the course of the move, it can be easy enough to forget about things such as the environment. But with such a big concern now being held over the state of the planet, making sure that you take the right measures to reduce the impact on the surrounding ecology is an impact thing when moving house. If you are about to move, read on to discover five ways in which you can make sure that you are thinking about the environment while moving home. Make sure the lights are turned offOne of the easiest things to do is to make sure that nothing is potentially causing a problem after you leave the home. After you have moved out, it can be tough to tell how long the house will be empty, meaning that any lights or taps which are left on will cause a big of an issue. Not only will it mean that you run the risk of racking up a large bill, but that the home is needlessly using energy in an environmentally unfriendly manner. Before you leave the home for the last time, make sure to turn everything off. Use the right packing materialsAs well as paying attention to the utilities when you move home, it can be vital that you pay attention to the materials which you are using to help you move. Using environmentally sound packing materials lessens the impact which you move makes on the environment and making sure that you are able to recycle the materials after the move means that you are doing as much as possible to insure that you are conducting an eco-friendly move.  Don’t take what you don’t needAn easy way in which you can reduce the energy and effort needed to move home is to reduce the amount of items which you need to be moved. Those homes which have the most possessions will often find that they are using up needless energy and effort moving a set of possessions that the people who are moving home are not actually that enthused about and could do just as well to get rid of. If you find items which you do not need, then recycling, donating or selling these items before the big move can be a great way in which to reduce your impact on the environment. The right removal van fuelIf you are one of the people who decide to opt for removal van hire during your move, then finding the right fuel can make a big difference to the move itself. While it is unlikely that you will fund a solar powered moving van, there are a number of commercially available fuels from petrol stations which produce less co2 during usage and using these fuels will dramatically reduce the carbon footprint which you move leaves behind on the environment. Hire eco-friendly removalsIf you are finding the entire moving process time consuming and difficult and want to make sure that you are still doing the most possible to keep your move green, then it might be a good idea to bring in a professional company who can deliver just what you need without the effort. A number of removal firms are beginning to offer an environmentally friendly domestic removals option for those who want to care for the environment but still want professional help when they are moving into a new home.

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