16Jun 2015
Top Tips For Moving House
Top Tips For Moving House

There are so many important aspects to a house move that it can sometimes feel overwhelming and like you’re drowning in a sea of phone calls, documents and an endless list of tasks. So if you feel like things are spiralling out of control, or perhaps you just don’t know where to start, get things back on track and tick the tasks off your to-do list one by one by following these top tips to help kick start your move.

1.    Organisation is the key to a successful move.
Whether you’re moving from a one bedroom apartment into a mansion or if you’re downsizing and moving to smaller premises, your move will undoubtedly go a lot smoother if you list your items down and tackle them in order of importance. Creating a moving checklist will go a long way into bringing some order and structure to your move and will reduce the risk of you overlooking any important tasks that need seeing to. If you’re swamped with work or family commitments and you really don’t have time to sort out packing and the transportation of your possessions, then there are definitely some top end specialist removal companies in the industry that’ll be able to take care of everything that you can’t.  You may have to pay substantially more for an utterly bespoke removal service but it’ll be well worth it if it means that your family and possessions get to your new house in one piece, relatively unscathed and stress free.

2.    Put labels on everything!
Go label crazy and tag all of your items, so that on moving day your team of movers know what’s going where. You don’t want items meant for storage going to your new house so make sure that any labels are clear and self explanatory.   

3.    Have a clear out.
Before you get around to the arduous and rather mundane task of packing, get rid of any items that you’ll no longer have any use for. Dispose of any tatty items or furniture on its last legs, which will save you time and effort when packing by reducing the workload. If any old furniture can be savaged, do you best to spruce it up and then try and flog it at your local car boot sale.

4.    Protect your floors on moving day.
On moving day, when it comes time to move your items into the removal van, large, heavy and awkward to carry items may have to be pushed or dragged out of the door along the floor. In order to protect your floors, lay some old bed sheets or rags along your corridor leading out into the doorway, because although you’re moving house, you don’t want to leave the next inhabitants with some scratched up floors.

5.    Load up the moving van efficiently.
When you and your team of house movers begin loading your items into the removal vehicle, do so in such a way that will allow you to unload the large and heavy items into your new house first. This will make the removal process go by a lot quicker when you arrive at your new place, as you’ll be able to put large items of furniture in the correct place in order to avoid having to move them around at a later date.  Don’t forget, when the removal team goes  you’ll have to move your furniture by yourself, so get it right first time to avoid any undue future hassle! Alternatively, if you’ve got a few antique items that you’re worried about, consider using a specialist company in furniture removals to help put your mind at ease.

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