06 December 2013
Moving Home with the Right N4 Movers
Moving Home with the Right N4 Movers

Where ever you are heading in N4, North London is a great place to be. It is full of great architecture, and lovely terraced streets, beautiful little cafes, and great shopping! The idea of moving there may make your heart flutter with excitement, but the idea of actually having to do the move itself will most likely fill you with disgust! Things can be made much easier by moving home with the right N4 movers, so follow our few handy hints and tips as to how to find the right mover for you, and how to get the right price for your budget!

Start by finding a decent number of removal companies in your area. Using a local agency will mean that communications are easier from the off, and they should be able to find you. This can make all the difference, as you don’t want your N4 removal company turning up late on the day! Do a little research online and make sure that every one of the movers that you have found are right for you. Don’t be fooled by a professional website and the like, each company needs to be looked in to. The best way of doing this is to read up on them by looking at online reviews on independent reviewing sites. Here you should find your companies, and each will hopefully have a few reviews and a star rating, either out of five or ten. You will be able to tell very quickly which companies are worth your time, as trends of lateness or incompetence will stand out to you in the low marks that these sorts of companies will be receiving. Read through the comments sections, looking for companies that routinely perform to a high standard. Consistency is key here, as you want a company that will perform well for you every time, not one with a checkered past.

When you feel like you have a few N4 moving companies that suit your needs, and who have good ratings online, you can ring them up and make sure that they will be able to work to your schedule and move on your perfect day. Do not be swayed in to moving dates as this can mean a lot of work for you with reorganizing other parts of your life. When you have a found a few companies that can make your dates, you should ask them for either a rough quote over the phone, or a free home viewing and valuation. Home valuations form a good chance to meet the head of the moving team, so are useful for that aspect, but they can take up rather a lot of time. Ask a lot of questions about the move either way, and get a good understanding of what you are paying for, so that you are in a good position to work out how much you should really be paying and for what. Get an on the spot quote, and use your new knowledge of the removals industry to barter down the price; many companies will be able to make changes and allowances for your business, so ask if the number of men is really necessary, and how you can work things to make the process fit your budget.

You should find that a couple of companies will be right for you, and you can use them against each other to get a great deal. Remember though, bargaining without any knowledge of what you are asking for is a bad idea, as you will quickly be found out as a wind up merchant!

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