Moving house, whether it be to or from the N4 post code area can be quite a stressful business. There’s a lot of tasks to take care of in the moving process. There’s the preparation, the packing and unpacking, all of the heavy lifting … Not to mention there’s the actual journey to sort out. That’s a lot of work, especially when you bear in mind that adjusting to a new area can be stressful enough. Because of this, I would heartily recommend that you hire a removal company of some kind.

Removal companies typically come in three types; Couriers, N4 Man and Van services and Professional moving companies. Each of which have their upsides and downsides when compared with each other. Couriers are of the low volume, low cost school of removals. If you’ve only got a box or two to shift – say you’re moving into student accommodation or planning a temporary move, this type is worth a look. Man and Van companies are a step up in terms of capacity – it may only be one man and his van, but these type of companies can still handle a typical move with little problem. And finally, a Professional mover will offer the same as the man and van N4, but with more staff, more professionalism and a larger cost.

Whichever one of these you end up choosing is based entirely on personal preference and the needs of the move. A small move will only require a courier, a larger move will demand one of the other two. Hand on though, before you go out and hire just any removal company, it’s worth talking about reputation. Bear in mind here that not every company is considered equal; Removal company A might have the same service set as Removal company B, but they may offer a shoddier service. They may be overpriced, offer poor customer service or not have the right training. Companies that do a better job will be rated highly for it, and these are the ones you should look for. How do you find them? Well, here are a couple of tips;

If there are people you know, say relatives, friends, neighbours or co-workers who have moved in the relatively recent past, they will be able to offer you advice. Even if they’ve only dealt with some sort of transportation service or know someone who’s moved recently they’ll be able to help. If they’ve had a good moving experience, where everything arrived on time and in one piece, they should be able to give you the scoop. If the company in question has provided a good quality of service in the past, there’s no reason for them to have changed their ways.

If you don’t know anyone who can offer you advice, then look on the Internet. There are customer review web sites that exist to provide customers with review outlets. If they’ve had a good experience, or a dreadful one, they’ll be documented. If you can find one of these sites, they too will be able to point you in the right direction.

Hiring a reputable removal firm can only make a move better. They’ll be able to handle pretty much any moving task with great efficiency, care and a cheerful attitude. The right mover will ensure that everything gets to your new home in one piece, and on time. In general, they will do their best to make your N4 move one that you can tolerate. And you’ll be able to pass on your moving advice to the next person who needs it.

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