06 December 2013
Tips for Helping out the Packers and Movers
Tips for Helping out the Packers and Movers

If you have some experience with having moved houses before, or have spoken with someone who does, you probably already know that hiring a packers and movers team helps to greatly reduce the workload and the stress. They bring the packing materials, the skills, and the efficiency of experts and can get the job done much faster and much better than you can. So, if you’ve decided to hire packers and movers, congratulations on the smart choice you just made! You’ll find that moving homes will be a comparatively easy experience with the help of professionals.

If you are the kind of person who cannot sit idly by and let other people do the work, and you have the sort of personality that wants to be involved and active when there is something going on, simply letting the professionals come into your home and take charge is probably going to be difficult for you. If you do want to make the most of the hired help but don’t want to be entirely uninvolved either, here are some things you can do to participate in the moving process without actually burdening yourself with the task. There are tons of little things that you can do to help out the packers and movers. This will make their job easier on them while also giving you something concrete and useful to do.

Firstly, whenever there is imminent house relocation, the house is bound to be a mess in the days leading up to the move. If your movers are due to arrive soon, you should clear up the house as much as you can before they get there. We don’t mean you should pack things up or place them in boxes- just clear the house up, make sure there aren’t any odds and ends lying about on the floor, the paths and passages the movers will be carrying things through should be free of all obstacles and you should tidy up the place as much as possible. This will save time and prevent many injuries and damages.

Clean up the items to be packed. You don’t want things to be dirty and dusty when you unpack them in the new home. Neither do you want to burden the movers with the task of cleaning things up. Take a rag or a duster and gently dust and wipe everything that has to be packed. This will be a great relief when you unpack later and will also save the movers a considerable amount of time.

Lend a hand whenever possible. Your moving team is usually decided on the basis of a pre-move survey, so there will be exactly as many people as are needed for the job, but you can always help out with small things too. For instance, you can cut up pieces of packing tape and stick them to a flat surface by their edges so that the packers can simply keep picking them up and using them as needed, or you could make labels for boxes as things get packed into them, and the suchlike.

Have some refreshments ready on hand. Packing and moving is hard work and even though the movers are pros at the job, they are human too! Offer water or a cool beverage (in the summer months) or tea and coffee (if the weather is cold) often, and if you can spare the time and effort, have a light snack or meal on hand. It isn’t necessary and most professionals will probably decline your offer, but it is a nice gesture and can be a really nice way of doing something extra to help someone who’s doing so much for you!

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