06 December 2013
The Questions to Ask the Estate Agent Prior to Buying a Home
The Questions to Ask the Estate Agent Prior to Buying a Home

The process of considering the type of home to buy can start with a discussion between the prospective buyer and the estate agent. An the buyer should always be aware of what things he should say and ask the agent. Usually estate agents ask their clients what questions they have. People should know what questions they should pose, to obtain as clear an idea of what home would conform to their requirements and assess if a home for sale conforms to such requirements. Being informed in advance on the questions to be asked in that respect is invaluable and can facilitate the process of choosing and buying a home. It can make the process much easier.

Before the estate agent starts considering homes for sale for his or her clients, there are a number of aspects that should be discussed. Especially first time home purchasers can lend themselves to their first impression of a home, and jump into buying it. But there are a number of issues, especially three major ones, that should be discussed between clients and estate agents.

The first issue is the offering price, and the condition of the home which is for sale, as well as the location are also prime factors. Some of the above-mentioned data can be obtained online, but it should be borne in mind that such information can be inaccurate. Nevertheless, information available online can help by serving as the starting basis.

The offering price is a prime factor. Although estate agents help clients to form an estimate by comparing prices of similar properties in the same area, before the price negotiation starts, in fact the asking price can be very different from the actual value of the residential property, or from the price that the prospective buyer should offer. By assessing how many offers the home seller has received, the length of time the home has been on the market, as well as some other factors, the buyer can negotiate more efficiently. For example, for homes that have been on the market for more than two months, discounts can be easily negotiated.

Another important issue to ask is the condition of the home for sale; it includes the roof, the type of foundation, and the insulation in the walls and in the attic. It is a definite advantage if the old plumbing and electrical cables are updated.

Finally, yet another question to be discussed about a home to be bought is the location. It is natural that homes which are located in desirable areas are sold at higher rates than homes in less desirable locations. The questions to be asked that can help to assess the location comprise the types of other properties situated in the vicinity; industrial and apartment buildings usually bring down the value of other residential properties in the area. The availability of a school in the vicinity is a must for families with school age children. Lastly, the question about possible nuisance factors should also be asked, such as nearby restaurants or motorways.

The discussion of the above questions with the estate agent helps to arrive at the best home choice.

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