06 December 2013
Self Storage: How is it Useful?
Self Storage: How is it Useful?

Self storage, in a nutshell, is rented storage space. They range in size from small lockers, ideal for storing documents, binders and stationary, to garage sized ones which are used for storing cars that are off the road and gardening equipment.

Self storage offers a great deal of convenience, especially if you plump for a company that is close by. You could nip down to your storage container, drop off what you need to store, and be back before you know it. For those on a tight schedule, most storage firms offer a ‘moving storage service’, where a helpful member of staff can pick your goods up, and store them. All at a time that best suits you.

When moving

So how can self storage help on a move? Well, it can be useful as a temporary storage measure. Say, for example, that on the day of the move that your moving van doesn’t have enough carrying capacity to transport everything in one trip. If you need to have your old house clear, then you can just contact your local storage centre, and they can take care of it all until you can arrange a second trip.

Storing items when moving could also offer peace of mind and breathing space. Seeing as your things will be held in the high security, with twenty four hour surveillance and what not, you can move everything in small chunks rather than trying to handle everything at once. It’s especially useful when there’s no other option, or if your other options are limited. You could use a family or friends houses’ spare room as temporary storage, but is it really going to be enough to keep all of your furniture in? By using self storage, you can be sure that you’ll have more than enough space, so you can move everything in and out without the risks of damaging them. Remember, a lack of space means there’s less room to move.

When not moving

There’s practicalities when not moving, too, the most obvious being the removal of clutter. If there’s a build up of goods that you simply don’t want to throw away, you can put them in storage until you can find time to sell or donate them.

You can use self storage to store goods that you don’t need all year around. This can range from Christmas, Birthday and Halloween decorations, to the bed and wardrobe in your spare room. You can put them away when you don’t need them, and take them out when you do. By doing this, you’re freeing up space that could be put to better use. Also, for those who holiday in the countryside in a caravan or motorhome, you can hire outdoor garages to store them in. This will free up your own garages space, or extra room in the garden. Since you’re only going to be using your home away from home once or twice a year, it makes sense to keep them out of the way until they’re needed.

If for whatever reason, you’re still apprehensive about storing your goods away from home, keep this in mind; Like every company that offers help with the moving process, staff that work for self storage firms are out to do the best job possible. If they’re a successful business, they have a reputation they need to uphold.

Whether it’s for a short term, or a long term, consider self storage when you need to make some room.

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