06 December 2013
Make Your N15 Office Move A Successful Endeavour
Make Your N15 Office Move A Successful Endeavour

Moving office can be an exciting time for you and your workforce. The hope is that the move will breathe a bit of fresh life in to the team and get your productivity margins soaring again. There are a great many problems to deal with when you are starting out on the road towards relocating your business, and it is a job that many would prefer to avoid! Do not get disheartened by this though, the move is a positive thing, and will make everything worthwhile, you just need a few hints and tips as to how to make your office move a successful endeavor.

Start by equipping yourself correctly. You will likely be aware of the classic essentials that any move needs, whether office or home; packing boxes, packing tape, newspaper, bubble wrap and marker pens are all mainstays of the packing process. Moving office is often a much bigger job than moving home however, so you may need some more specialist equipment. For instance, a packing tape dispenser will make your box taping so much quicker and easier that it will make all the difference to the time spent packing in the long run. It will mean that you can avoid tearing tape with your teeth, which can be painful sometimes, and it will mean that you don’t have to struggle with tape that has become stuck to itself all day! A sack barrow will also help move boxes and larger items like cabinets and desks. You will likely find that your N15 removals company has one or two of these already, but in the run up towards the big day, you may find it useful to own one, as they can make moving things around the office a lot easier, especially if you need to organize all of your boxes beforehand.

Make sure that your removals company are all prepared for the scale of the job by having them visit beforehand and showing them round the place. This will mean that there are no nasty surprises on the day of the move that would otherwise have slowed things right down, or taken much longer than anticipated. If you are using a specialist N15 mover then you will be lucky in that they will be prepared for every eventuality, and should be used to such moves. Make sure that the driver is equipped with contact numbers for you and others in your business, as well as a map of where the new place is. The last thing you want is the van getting lost and wasting time during one of the most important and stressful days of your business year!

Be prepared in advance by sorting out a transportable filing system, so that you can resurrect your office system straight away, as soon as you have arrived at the new place. Be sure that not a single box goes missing by giving them numbers and marking down on a sheet as to which boxes have which numbers. Put a rough inventory on the outside of each box so that you can access things quickly if needs be. This will save time, as well as preventing you from having to tear through every other box until you have found the missing item! Putting the room name on the outside of each box will also mean that the unpacking process is a whole load easier on the other end.

We hope our time saving tips make your N15 office move everything you want it to be!

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