06 December 2013
Make your Home Move More Affordable - Hire Man and Van Services
Make your Home Move More Affordable - Hire Man and Van Services

Moving home is a nightmare. It’s a known fact that the stresses and strains of getting everything you own in to boxes and then on to a new place is a particularly arduous process. Being honest, it’s never going to be easy, but the insult on top is that it is almost always pretty expensive! There are however plenty of ways in which to make sure that the costs of your move do not spiral too far out of control, and among them is the idea that you do not necessarily need to hire a large removals company to do your work for you. To make your home move more affordable, hire man and van services! This sort of service is extremely good for smaller moves that only really require a couple of people to do the lifting, and a smaller vehicle. The sort of service that you need for a small two bedroom flat say, rather than a large house. If you are renting and you live in accommodation that has already been furnished by the landlord, then you will not likely need much moving, as everything will be staying put, so man and van services are perfect.

Start your move process by surveying the amount that you have to move. If you have large items like tables and sofas, be aware that their awkward dimensions can sometimes be difficult to get in to some smaller vans. Get a good reading of the measurements of your largest pieces, and note them down, so that you can mention them to the driver when you discuss the move. Work out the measurements of your room, and try to visualize the items that you need to move within that space. Find out the measurements of the room that you think you can get everything in to and look up the size of van that you will need for the job. With these measurements you should be in a good position to find the right man and van service for your needs. Getting the van size right is particularly important if affordable is the name of the game; if you cannot fit everything in, you may have to make two trips, and things will become increasingly expensive, especially if you get stuck in traffic!

If you are not particularly strong, or used to lifting heavy things, then you may need a hand, as while the man with the van should be willing to lift things, he will need some help with larger items. If that person is not you, then try and find a friend who can give you a hand for free, or perhaps look in to man and van services that provide another man, so that all the lifting is taken care of. Many services will offer this for an extra ten pounds per hour, so it can often be worth it for the ease of not worrying about the weights of certain items. Make sure that the pair of them are clued up as to what kind a move they are dealing with, as any nasty surprises like stairs of strangely angled corridors can mean that the process slows down considerably, which can cost you a lot of money in the long term.

Hopefully this quick guide to hiring a man and van service has helped you make your decision. We wish you the easiest and most affordable of moves!

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